Rotor Blade Repairs

IAC Ltd. provides a wide range of repairs to Main and Tail Rotor blades. If the blade can be safely repaired, we can fix it. We specialize in repairs that put a damaged blade safely back in the air. A representative list of our repairs includes:

  • Leading-edge abrasion strip replacement
  • Composite and metal skin repairs
  • Doubler repairs
  • Full-chord skin repairs
  • Core repairs
  • Tip cap replacement/repair
  • Trailing edge repairs
  • Refinishing and static balancing
  • Trim tab replacement
  • Bushing replacement

Expanded Repairs

It is impossible to anticipate all possible types of damage that can happen to each blade. In many cases, if damage to a blade falls outside standard limits, an expanded repair can be approved under a Form 8110.

Other Specialty Services

If you need composite materials services not associated with rotor blades, IAC may be able to fill the bill. We offer specialty testing, bonding, and composite processing services.